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#IGWritersMay - Day 11 - Bookstore

#IGWritersMay is an Instagram hashtag for writers to share their tips and experiences throughout the month, focusing on one topic each day. Created by Cheyanne Young (Instagram @NormalChey), YA author who's working on The Last Wish of Sasha Cade coming Fall 2018.

For Day 11, "Bookstore," there's a Barnes and Noble that the family and I visit regularly. It hosts story time for kids on the weekends, special events like Harry Potter movie releases and holidays, and has murals of famous literary artists along the walls. I've been writing here since 2013 when we moved from New Jersey, working on Variance in its early drafts. And like all temples for writers, this store amplified my writing muse, using the store as a catalyst to generate motivation to write my first novel.

For me, my writing career is a solitary one. Even though there's the local NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) group, many local writers, it's still a solitary world. So to be here, at this store, helps me tremendously.

Now, after publishing Variance, I'm planning to speak with the store manager about setting up a book signing event in conjunction with the iUniverse Rising Star program for prospects of my novel having shelf space. It's a great feeling to have all of my hard work and dedication help me reach my dream. Only time will tell if I will truly succeed to have my novel sit next to the works of many successful authors.

Here's my social media post for Day 11:

Catching up with #IGWritersMay to share #writerslife . Day 11's topic is Bookstore. I've been writing at this #barnesandnoble since 2013 with dreams of publishing. Now I'm planning a book signing in a couple of months with prospects of Variance being shelved here. With blood, sweat, and tears, I made my dream come true. #writersofinstagram #amwriting #authorsofinstagram #writingcommunity #bookstagram #bookworm #booknerd #bookaholic #SciFi #booklove #scifi #writing #write #writer #variance #raiseyourweapon #bookstore

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