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#IGWritersMay - Day 1 - May Goals

#IGWritersMay is an Instagram hashtag for writers to share their tips and experiences throughout the month, focusing on one topic each day. Created by Cheyanne Young (Instagram @NormalChey), YA author who's working on The Last Wish of Sasha Cade coming Fall 2018.

For Day 1, "May Goals," I don't think any writer has just ONE goal. There's the goal to write in general (editing, researching, plotting, world-building, etc). There's the goal to constantly read books to learn from others and to learn about the craft. There's the goal to market published work(s) to the fullest. There's a goal to balance all that while balancing life, family, and work. Really, this Day 1 topic should be revised as "Ma-n-y Goals." Here's my social media post for Day 1:

"Catching up with #IGWritersMay to share #writerslife . Day 1's topic is May Goals and as you can see, there are plenty #gains to accomplish: #Write 3rd draft of Celestia, market Variance to #indiebookstore , enter many #writingcontest , fix and publish #author website, and achieve very little sleep. #writersofinstagram #amwriting#authorsofinstagram #writingcommunity#bookstagram #bookworm #booknerd#bookaholic #SciFi #booklove"

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