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#IGWritersMay - Day 3 - Brainstorming

#IGWritersMay is an Instagram hashtag for writers to share their tips and experiences throughout the month, focusing on one topic each day. Created by Cheyanne Young (Instagram @NormalChey), YA author who's working on The Last Wish of Sasha Cade coming Fall 2018.

For Day 3, along with "May Goals" and "A Writer's Morning," I think by now you get the point of what it really means to be a writer. Like many new writers starting out, we're focused on the masterpiece, the gem, the potential bestseller that's keeping you up at night as you brainstorm how to make the story even better than when you first conceived it. Once you get through the multiple levels of editing and reviewing, polishing and then the big milestone of production, you will be faced with multiple aspects of that same masterpiece, and you'll stay up even later thinking about new books or a sequel, how to get your recently published book into a super-saturated market, how to build a captivating website to get readers to your book and content . . . the list goes on. Here's my social media post for Day 3:

"Catching up with #IGWritersMay to share #writerslife . Day 3's topic is Brainstorming. When I'm plotting, I'm more organized and thorough. But lately, with May Goals and no sleep and higher priorities in life, my brain is a soup sandwich.

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