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#IGWritersMay - Day 2 - A Writer's Morning

#IGWritersMay is an Instagram hashtag for writers to share their tips and experiences throughout the month, focusing on one topic each day. Created by Cheyanne Young (Instagram @NormalChey), YA author who's working on The Last Wish of Sasha Cade coming Fall 2018.

For Day 2, "A Writer's Morning," if you're like most people, authors, and writers who have a family to take care of and a day job, then the only time you'll be able to write is early in the day or late at night. Sure you can write at work, but to use company time for personal agendas . . . it's not a risk worth taking. Or is it? Here's my social media post for Day 2:

#IGWritersMay Day 2 - A Writer's Morning

Catching up with #IGWritersMay to share #writerslife . Day 2's topic is Writer's Morning. There are no singing birds and sunshine. Only fatigue and loss of memory. Family and work take priority, so I have to live my #writing career in the shadows of the night, like Batman, without the cave, wealth, and gadgets. #writersofinstagram #amwriting#authorsofinstagram #writingcommunity#bookstagram #bookworm #booknerd#bookaholic #SciFi #booklove #coffee#coffeetime #scifi #write #writer

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