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A Science Fiction Novel



A member of a peaceful immortal society sets out to win a deadly gladiator sport to save his people from extinction. Will he survive to do what is right when everything around him is wrong?


The sequel to Variance is currently in its early drafts. Target publication TBD.


Currently plotting and world-building.

Recipient of the following iUniverse recognition programs:

iUniverse Editor's Choice Award
iUniverse Rising Star Program


As an engineer, I'm not fond of reinventing the wheel, and trust me, there's a ton of wheels out there for writing. Rather than create a how-to write blog, let me steer you in the right direction with resources that I found helpful.

To express my writing angst, or to convey a deep message about writing through a combination of pictures and words, I've tapped into the infinite universe of The Meme.

I'll even include experiences of what it means to be a self-published writer with a family and a day job.



I am a Senior Program Manager for Amazon. I hold a master of science degree in engineering management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and was an infantry sergeant for the US Army. My wife and I have five children. We live near Nashville, Tennessee.

When do I have time to write? I don't. I stay up late at night destroying worlds in my tired mind in hopes to create new worlds in yours.


UPDATES 2020 - 2023

All Year

The 4th draft of Celestia: Raise Your Weapon sci-fi novel is near completion for purusing the traditional publishing route, instead of going through the self-publishing route like with what I did with Variance. However, with things going on in life, this project will be put on hold indefinitely.



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